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Superb SPE 19L

How HM-SPE19 composed and it’s advantages:
1, one panel with 19 holes;
2, one glass cylinder (cylinder size: 270 * 90 * 160 mm);
3, collecting test tube rack (1pcs);
4, one joint (with a vacuum control valve);
5, the number of holes and spacing: 19 holes, 27mm spacing is relatively spare, easy to connect the large volume storage pool.
6, flow control: independent quark and stainless steel channel, rare consumption, good flow consistency. High Quark position, easy to operate.
7, the exhaust port in the upper end of the cylinder body, bottom hole for discharge of waste water which is very convenient.
8, row rank: front and rear at three-dimensional cross arrangement, easy to observe the flow at rear row. The rear position is designed 10mm higher, for better observe the rear column.

Design story:
This patent design is inspired by taking picture for group team, if people not standing on the steps at rear row, it is difficult to show his face. SPE HAMAG 19L design the rear row 10mm higher, front and rear row cross arrangement, the back of each channel in the centre of the front row position, so front and rear interchange, as the group photo, allowing users to observe every channel flow situation as much as possible, unlike the traditional solid-phase extraction apparatus which cannot be viewed from the front to the back flow and hard to avoid liquil confusion.

Compared to 19 holes SPE, the 24 holes solid-phase extraction apparatus doesn’t have enough between the holes, when connected in series with a large volume of a syringe or a filter, enough space is needed, so as to prevent syringes be crowded together.
This product adopts stainless steel channel, durable, low consumption, pumping liquid discharge port with Teflon anticorrosive material.

This product including vacuum gauge and vacuum control valve, very convenient to discharge the waste liquid, waste liquid cylinder won’t be needed, liquid is pumped into the transition bottle,a transition bottle with a valve, after completion of the experiment, open the valve and waste liquid can be discharged to the designated place, greatly reduce the harm of organic solvents to the orperate people.

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We specialized manufacture HPLC vials, Headspace vials, TOC vials, caps, silicone/PTFE septum, safty  caps, Graphitized carbon, SPE. we have:
- ISO 9001 certificate. 
- 10 years precious experiences. 
- 3 original invented patents.
- 1/3 price of Agilent at same quality level. 

Looking forward to cooperate with you. 

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270×70×160 mm12 or 24 holes

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